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GuangDong ZHOU YUSHENG JEWELLERY Trading Co. , Ltd. is set up on 2017,we are an enterprise from China,a jewellery company focusing on wholesale jewelry, a global jewellery company integrating Raw Stone procurement, design, production and processing, private customization, hand-made, exhibition, wholesale and retail.Our company's products mainly include finished and semi-finished products of rubies, sapphires, jadeite, tourmalines, amber, pearls, aquamarine, garnets, Copper Pectolite, lapis lazuli, volcanic stones, sunstones, moonstones, Sugilite, Rutilated Quartz, Chorite-Crystals, etc,also include various crystals and various handmade accessories.DIBATIAN jewelry is our jewelry brand in the United States and China.Our company and brand have always adhered to the concept of focusing on original design fashion jewelry, based on the business philosophy of "honesty, pragmatic management, people-oriented, customer first, quality assurance, and professional service".After 4 years of development and innovation, The market share and reputation for DIBATIAN jewelry have been greatly improved, and customer loyalty has been continuously improved through high-quality after-sales service system, and the concept of private customized jewelry has been introduced into the field of view of customers, and it is in a leading market position in the industry.

If you like our company's productions,and you need to purchase jewelry accessories, semi-finished products and finished products, and need product customization and processing, remember to contact us.

Note: (Our company sincerely recruits agents, partners, and members, and we support one-piece delivery) For details, please contact us.